these are people that are in the comic


Andrea Bio Andrea is the protagonist of Crossing and a huuuuuge slacker. She dropped out of college without her family's knowledge and is living day by day doing just about nothing. But Andrea always puts in effort for her friends (except calling or keeping in constant contact). Andrea is the second child of Sam and Chip and younger sister to Andy. She also owns over 31 beanies, so you'll never see the same one twice in the same month.

Andy is Andrea's older brother and a successful business man of a successful business. He just bought his first house (and hopefully only house) with his wife Beth. He and Beth are a match made in heaven even though she is way too tall for him.

Even though he is short, he is taller than Andrea by an inch (which has been the subject of many fights through their childhood).

Beth is Andrea's sister-in-law and a proud canary. She met her husband Andy four years prior to the events of Crossing and they got engaged a year later. It has, however, taken her most of those four years to not burn dinner. Her and Andrea have seemingly opposite interests, yet if they spent more time together a lot of similar interests would be found.
This is JT, one of Andrea's closest friends. Can you guess what the "J" and the "T" stand for? Well T is for Toad, his surname. Yes it is a boring last name like Smith but JT is anything but boring. For instance he gets unlimited coffee at Mel's Diner. You'll rarely see him without a cup! JT also can play almost any instrument naturally (given he isn't too shy to play). Oh! Almost forgot. The "J" in his name stands for J.
Jul is one of Andrea's closest friends, despite them being a squirrel and a dog. Jul is the friend who always takes pictures when everyone hangs out. That is because Jul wants to keep every happy memory in arm's reach. Jul also flips between her classy-waitress self and his laid-back slacking companion to Andrea. But really, it is hard to pinpoint when Jul wants to be a girl or a boy.
Rebecca is a successful artist whose name is always pronounced wrong! People always say RABecca. It infuriates her! Not that she would show it. Rebecca always puts on a happy-go-lucky demeanor in public. Her and Andrea have been best friends since elementary school, but even Andrea has never seen the angry side to Rebecca.
The dynamic duo. The collective entity. Mom and Dad! Andrea has a fairly basic relationship with them. They made her (which was cool) and they raised her and sent her off to a top university with tons of money (cool as well). But Andrea still views them as just parents, so who even knows what they're actually like?
This is a ghost who Andrea calls Ghost. Ghost doesn't know how he died, who he is, or why he suddenly appeared on that bridge. He seems to get along with Andrea pretty well, even if he can be a bit of a dweeb at times.