whaaaat is this all about???

Crossing: A Webcomic About Slackers

Crossing is a coming-of-age story about Andrea, a college drop-out living off her would-be tuition money. She lives by herself, doing nothing with her life. It was working out well for her up until her father's birthday. The story of Crossing starts with Andrea's brother, Andy, picking her up and letting her stay at his new house for the weekend. Within the first hour of being in her home town, Andrea catches up with what her friends and family have been up to. And that is when she meets a ghost who only she can see and talk to. To make matters worse time seems to be all weird.


One day I thought, as a college student, I should make a story about a drop-out to make my parents freak out. I went through many phases of what this will entail until I eventually came up with this final idea of Crossing. I recently started reading into ghost stories and the way the supernatural invades and possibly changes one's life. So I decided to venture into that genre while mixing it with comedy. The artstyle is a result of me never taking a single lesson in how to draw. This comic started out with humans instead of animals, but I have a tendency to draw big heads and I really wasn't digging the look. I was then inspired by the artstyle of Animal Crossing (which also inspired the name) where anthropomorphic animals are somehow a normal part of their society and they constantly lose their gameboys. And then somehow that translates to my odd string-arm-and-legs artstyle (but still way better than if I tried to make a more realistic look).